DDOS Protection

DDoS attacks continue to grow in intensity, frequency, and sophistication with no end in sight. Most of the defense technologies and methods used by organizations, struggle to keep pace with today’s cyber attack innovations and persistence. New and modern approaches are required to address the growing threat of the weaponized IoT cyber attacks.

We help you address the growing problem of multi-vector and IoT DDoS attacks to avoid business downtime, lost revenue, and damaged reputation.

Ever-evolving, modern cyber threats
Fast and Effective
  • Multi-modal source-based defense pinpoints attackers without damaging users
    • 5-level adaptive mitigation policy
    • Zero-day Automated Protection (ZAP)
    • Actionable distributed denial-of-service weapons Intelligence at a scale of 96M-entry black/white lists
  • 100 ms mitigation interval
  • 3-second detection response
Ever-evolving, modern cyber threats
Zero-touch Intelligent Automation
Ever-evolving, modern cyber threats
Maximize ROI with DDoS Scrubbing Services
  • 256K individual detection policies per appliance scales to thousands of paying tenants
  • 3,000 simultaneous mitigation zones per appliance for differentiated services that match the tenant’s risk profile and budget
  • Zero-touch Intelligent Automation maximizes effectiveness of limited staff and reduces Opex
  • 30 times more profitable over legacy cyber attack defense platforms

Advanced Load Balancing

  1. Complete full-proxy Layer 4 load balancer and Layer 7 load balancer with flexible aFleX® scripting and customizable server health checks
  2. High performance SSL Offload with up-to-date SSL/TLS ciphers enabling optimized and secure application service
  3. Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) extends load balancing on a global basis to enable worldwide business application continuity with faster, localized server responses
  4. All-inclusive ADC features

A10 Networks’ Integrated Solution​

A10 provide secure, scalable application services for on-premises, cloud, and edge-cloud environments to deliver better business outcomes that support investment protection, new business models, and help future-proof infrastructures.​​

  • Take control of multi-cloud complexity and security​
  • Simplify and automate application management
  • Prepare for 5G​
  • Gain insight into application performance with using A10’s connected intelligence