How Security Ratings Help

Although GRC is more than software, digital tools are often used to keep GRC operations organized and processes streamlined. Large organizations are complex and may often have to meet many compliance requirements, often taking into account quickly-changing regulations.

Similarly, risk changes quickly as well, and IT leaders may need to make decisions about risk quickly — having a digital tool that allows IT and cybersecurity leaders to see all risks in real time is important to good decision making.

SecurityScorecard Ratings, for example, allow you to present your organization’s business leaders with the most important cybersecurity KPIs for your extended enterprise. Our security ratings use an A-F scale across 10 groups of risk factors and automatically generate a recommended action plan when any issues are discovered. The easy-to-understand ratings scale enables you to provide your C-Suite with the necessary documentation to prove governance over your risk management program to meet increasingly stringent cybersecurity compliance requirements.

Published by Micky Wong

IUWorld site administrator

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