A10 Networks Boosts Cloud Defense with First Application Delivery Solution to Integrate with Fastly Next-Gen WAF

Combined Application Delivery and Next-Gen WAF Helps Ensure Security and Resilience for Hybrid Cloud Environments The last decade of digital transformation has turned most organizations today into true digital businesses. But the effectiveness and economics of cloud operating models have become top concerns. How to best secure, optimize, and automate hybrid cloud environments in theContinue reading “A10 Networks Boosts Cloud Defense with First Application Delivery Solution to Integrate with Fastly Next-Gen WAF”

A10 Survey & Report: Enterprise Perspectives 2022 – Zero Trust, Cloud and Digital Resiliency

This global research was conducted to understand the challenges, concerns, and perspectives of large enterprise organizations as they continue adapting their IT strategy and infrastructure to the rigors and risks of digital transformation and the hybrid work environment. It explores the investments organizations have already made to bolster infrastructure and security, and those they areContinue reading “A10 Survey & Report: Enterprise Perspectives 2022 – Zero Trust, Cloud and Digital Resiliency”

A10 Networks’ Threat Research Detects and Tracks Origins of DDoS Weapons; Observes Over 15 Million Weapons

Organizations Increasingly Employ Zero Trust Principles to Protect Digital Infrastructure SAN JOSE, Calif. – May 4, 2022 – It is well-reported that the pandemic caused a spike in cyberattacks, including malware, ransomware and DDoS attacks. Threat actors have sought to disrupt not only services people rely on everyday like healthcare, education and financial but alsoContinue reading “A10 Networks’ Threat Research Detects and Tracks Origins of DDoS Weapons; Observes Over 15 Million Weapons”

CVE-2021-44228 vulnerability on Log4j

Due to the recent announcement, the vulnerability log4shell affecting the Log4j library provided by Apache. What’s know so far: The library is used in many implementations, from Apache Struts to Microsoft’s Minecraft, and the list is likely to grow, Apache itself recommends the upgrade to v2.15.0. It is affected by an unauthenticated remote code executionContinue reading “CVE-2021-44228 vulnerability on Log4j”

Encrypted Traffic Inspection for Cyber Security Survey Report

Encrypted Traffic Inspection for Cyber Security Survey Report Since public data around security solutions and encrypted threats is scarcely available online, this report helps us better understand the current state of the market. Here are some interesting highlights from the survey: We had 200 respondents in total. 85% of the respondents were from North AmericaContinue reading “Encrypted Traffic Inspection for Cyber Security Survey Report”

What is Attack Surface Management (ASM)?

In modern business environments, organizations are facing increased pressure to adopt digital solutions to stay competitive. While these solutions have undoubted benefits for organizations, they also expand their potential attack surface and expose them to increased levels of cyber risk. If left unaddressed, these risks can create critical security gaps that can be exploited byContinue reading “What is Attack Surface Management (ASM)?”

What is Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS)?

News of ransomware attacks disrupting supply chains has increased recently. As threat actors disrupt businesses and critical infrastructure, they may appear to be working harder. However, cybercriminals treat ransomware as a business, enabling an underground industry. Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) is a growing underground industry that continues to place sensitive information at risk.


【特訊】隨著社會數碼化轉型步伐不斷加快,各項智慧應用及生活場景逐步走入我們的生活,大量數據傳輸透過網絡進行交互,讓「網絡安全」變得尤為重要,作為基礎網絡營運商及智慧應用服務供應商,澳門電訊透過引進及投資網絡安全防護技術,守護澳門網絡安全,從而提升社會對網絡安全的重視程度,澳門電訊攜手合作夥伴,舉辦了「網絡安全」攻略分享會,分享現時流行的網絡攻擊形式及應對方案。 CTM「網絡安全」攻略分享會於上周五(七月九日)假澳門美高梅舉行,澳門電訊與Fortinet、ExclusiveNetworks、A10Networks、IUWorld及NSFOCUS公司代表,透過簡單生動的案例,分享網絡安全案例、現今主流的防護應用及技術,以及共同探討如何配合「網安法」,讓受監管的營運實體及機構合規運營以及避免網絡安全問題,「守護」線上應用、「防範」資料外洩,提高安全性以確保服務及業務的穩定。 A10Networks技術經理蕭漢明分享了澳門在今年上半年受到DDoS的威脅情況,以及如何透過CTM安全服務,在安全控制點上優化安全策略等。澳門電訊資訊科技高級經理鄭貴昌就網絡攻擊趨勢及案例進行分享。與會者分別來自政府、本地中小企業等,反映出社會對網絡安全的重視程度,未來,澳門電訊會繼續透過引進和研發更多安全應用,發揮好網絡把關人的角色,守護澳門網絡安全,以及助力各界提升網絡安全級別。

IT Development to lead the way in GBA

Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macao have jointly launched the Greater Bay Area (GBA) International Information Technology Association, which aims to boost information technology (IT) development and application in the regions. The association plans to undertake related policy research work, setup communication and cooperation platforms for enterprises to enhance their regional connectivity, and nurture young ITContinue reading “IT Development to lead the way in GBA”