Encrypted Traffic Inspection for Cyber Security Survey Report

Encrypted Traffic Inspection for Cyber Security Survey Report

Since public data around security solutions and encrypted threats is scarcely available online, this report helps us better understand the current state of the market.

Here are some interesting highlights from the survey:

  • We had 200 respondents in total. 85% of the respondents were from North America while 14% were located in EMEA. 1% of the responses came from the APAC region.

The highest number of respondents belonged to the Healthcare and Software industries, followed closely by Manufacturing.

51.1% of the respondents cited that over half of their company’s web traffic was encrypted. This number was much lower than our expectation.

Surprisingly, only 59% of the respondents could definitively say that they decrypted their enterprise web traffic for encrypted threat protection. Again, we were expecting the number to be a lot higher than that.

Only 56.5% of the respondents could definitively say that their organization used dedicated decryption solutions. Most used their existing security infrastructure like NGFWs and experienced varying degrees of performance degradation as a result.

For further details, please view the complete report at https://www.a10networks.com/resources/reports/encrypted-traffic-inspection-for-cyber-security-survey-report/

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